Orneta was born in 2013, but tells a family story, that of the Pannese, Pizzano and Cerullo, which saw three industrious generations cultivate the land with passion. The farm of the same name is located in Orneta, Arianese district of great landscape value, in the border Irpinia. The vineyards, at the center of the DOCG and DOC denominations of the territory, and the olive groves in the most suitable localities of the area, have been chosen for the single vocation of those lands. Safeguard local raw materials, at the same time searching for untapped potential; recovering the traditional production techniques handed down over time, interweaving them with technological innovation and a high quality standard, represents the company mission. Moreover, through the enhancement of typical features, Orneta wants to integrate the purely productive function of the agricultural activity with the protection of the environment and the territory, the conservation of culture and local traditions. This look at the values ​​of the past, the historical roots of the Campania region, as well as the local identity, is evident in the coordinated image of the farm. At the center of the wine and oil labels is a fragment of a fundamental treatise on Agricultural Sciences, the “De Re rustica” by Columella, the Latin author of the first century. d. C., and an “Maiolica Arianese”.