Irpinia, the central-eastern area of ​​the Apennine ridge, which stretches between the river Sabato, the Calore and the Ofanto, has a strategic geographical position, being a hinge territory between the Adriatic and the Tyrrhenian Sea. It is a land of very pure spring waters, of raw green, breathtaking landscapes; uncontaminated land, where nature shows all its inviolate beauty in perfumes and colors, where time seems almost to have stopped and in front of which the mind is blessed, the spirit is reassured. Life in Irpinia is calm, simple, almost patriarchal. In Irpinia everything appears temperate and composed. This aspect is already grasped by the landscape, which has beautiful mountains, heights and intrigues of valleys, where the eye can seize and admire villages now lying, now perched, the profile of castles, imposing buildings, churches, abbeys and convents, keepers of priceless works of art, testimonies of great value of the various peoples that have succeeded over time: Longobards, Byzantines, Normans, Swabians and Angevins. Woods of oaks, alders, beeches and chestnut trees, colorful meadows, extensive cultivations: olive groves with silvery pallor, neat vineyards. The vineyards, which can already be found in the texts of Pliny, Columella and Strabo, have always coexisted with fruit trees, which give great emotions in the glass.

Our 20 hectares of vineyards are in the most desirable areas of Irpinia (Candida, Fontanarosa, Montefalcione, Paternopoli), and are located between 500-600 m s.l.m. The harvest, exclusively manual, allows us to harvest the grapes respecting the maturation times of the micro-zones which, despite their proximity, are different for the pedoclimatic characteristics. The almost 40 hectares of olive grove are scattered throughout the province of Avellino (Ariano Irpino, Casalbore, Chiusano di San Domenico, Mirabella Eclano, Paternopoli). The quality of the land, the ideal climate, the altitude (from 500 to almost 800 m asl), the exposure of the territory allow the production of fine varieties of olives, first of all the Ravece cultivar, which gives rise to an extra virgin olive oil excellence, with a golden color and a full and round sweet taste. A true delight for the palate!