Taurasi D.O.C.G.
“Senza Pensieri” 2015/2016


DENOMINATION: Denomination of controlled and guaranteed DOCG origin

GRAPES: 100% Aglianico


MUNICIPALITY OF VINEYARD LOCATION: Fontanarosa (AV), Montefalcione (AV), Paternopoli (AV).

EXPOSURE: South-East

ALTIMETRY: From 480 to 523 m s.l.m.

TYPE OF LAND: Vine of great adaptability to hilly soils of predominantly volcanic origin, but which offers exceptional results in clayey-calcareous soils.

TRAINING SYSTEM: espalier breeding with spurred cordon pruning.

PLANT DENSITY: 4000 plants per hectare

AGE OF VINEYARD: About 30 years

HARVEST PERIOD: Early November, selection in the vineyard, harvest by hand.

YIELD PER HECTARE: 60 quintals / ha

VINIFICATION: Maceration for about 15 days, partially fermented with fully malolactic native yeast starter.

AGING: 500-liter Tonneau for a period of 14 months.

COLOR: Intense ruby ​​red

BOUQUET: Offers a complex bouquet reminiscent of violet, currant, wild blackberry and chocolate.

ORGANOLEPTIC EXAM: Warm enveloping of great structure and softness with aroma of plum, bitter cherry, raspberry, strawberry jam.

PAIRINGS: Elaborate red meat, game and seasoned cheeses.

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The wine with a controlled and guaranteed denomination of origin “Taurasi” is obtained from grapes from vineyards made up of the Aglianico vine. Aglianico is a vine of great tradition, probably originating in Greece and introduced in Italy in the VII-VI century a. C. Uncertain etymology: some refer to the Greek origin of the vine (Hellanic or Hellenic), others to the ancient city of Elea / Velia (Eleanico). The most famous wines of ancient Rome were mainly obtained from Aglianico grapes. Il Porta (1592) identified the Hellenic vines with the ancient Helvolae described by Pliny and Columella. The original name (Ellenico or Ellanico) according to some became Aglianico during the Aragonese denomination, during the fifteenth century. The environmental and cultivation conditions of the vineyards used for the production of “Taurasi” wine must be the traditional ones of the production area and in any case suitable for conferring specific quality characteristics to the grapes and the derived wine. The reds of Orneta are produced with Aglianico grapes from about 13 hectares of vineyards located in the countryside of Fontanarosa, Montefalcione, Paternopoli about 500 meters above sea level. The Mesozoic soil integrated with the volcanic contributions of Vesuvius, due to its permeability and its richness in potassium, produces grapes full of polyphenols and acids that give complexity and longevity to the wine. Conservation and aging are carried out according to traditional methods and in any case in such a way as not to change the characteristics of the wine.

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“Senza Pensieri” 2015/2016”