Irpinia Falanghina D.O.C.
“La Solagna” 2019


DENOMINATION: Typical geographical indication i.g.t.
GRAPES: 100% Falangina
EXPOSURE: South-East
ALTITUDE: 300 m s.l.m.
TYPE OF LAND: mostly medium mixture.
TRAINING SYSTEM: Espalier training with Guyot pruning.
PLANT DENSITY: 3000 vines per hectare
AGE OF VINEYARD: About 15 years
HARVEST PERIOD: End of September.
YIELD PER HECTARE: 90 quintals / ha
VINIFICATION: Classic white vinification in temperature-controlled steel tanks.
AGING: In bottle for at least a month.
COLOR: Pale straw yellow with greenish reflections.
BOUQUET: Fresh and fruity with strong notes of citrus, green apple, kiwi and white flowers.
ORGANOLEPTIC EXAM: Very fresh thanks to a marked acidity in perfect balance with the structure of the wine.
PAIRINGS: Excellent with seafood, grilled fish, and also as an aperitif.

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Falanghina is a white grape variety, already known in Roman times. It was probably the Roman merchants who imported this grape from Greece, spreading its cultivation in the Center and in the South. In fact, it seems that the name of the Falanghina variety derives from the Latin “phalangae”, that is “tied to the pole” for the ancient cultivation system with which the vine was grown. The nobility of the vine is also testified by the presence of a “Falanchina” in the Royal Botanical Garden of Naples. In the 1930s, Falanghina was included among the best Italian vines, so much so that it was widespread in the South to improve production. Today Falanghina in Campania is experiencing a moment of renewed rediscovery and enhancement.

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“La Solagna” 2019”