Greco di Tufo D.O.C.G.
“Fortuna” 2019


DENOMINATION: Denomination of controlled and guaranteed DOCG origin

GRAPES: Greco di Tufo 100%




ALTITUDE: 250 m s.l.m.

TYPE OF LAND: Medium mixture-calcareous.

TRAINING SYSTEM: Espalier training with Guyot pruning.

PLANT DENSITY: 4000 plants per hectare

AGE OF VINEYARD: About 20 years

HARVEST PERIOD: End of October.

YIELD PER HECTARE: 70 quintals / ha

VINIFICATION: Soft pressing of whole bunches, cold static clarification, partially fermented also with starter of indigenous yeasts.

AGING: In bottles for 3 or 4 months.

COLOR: vivid straw yellow

BOUQUET: The scents of apricot, pear, apple and ferns stand out. A range of sensations to which the presence of calcium and magnesium in the territory which has always been rich in sulfur mines is no stranger.

ORGANOLEPTIC EXAMINATION: Excellent acidity, softness and flavor are appreciated.

PAIRINGS: Excellent with seafood, grilled fish, poultry, cold dishes and also as an aperitif.

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Greco is a vine imported from Thessaly and first spread on Vesuvius and then in Irpinia. The grape, formerly called Aminea twin because it develops many double bunches, according to Pliny, Virgilio and Columella, gave a white wine with great aging capacity. The confirmation of the millennial origin of this vine is given by the discovery in Pompei of a fresco dating back to the first century. to. C., in which Greek wine is mentioned. The Greco di Tufo area is located in a hinge zone between the Irpinia and the Sannio, rich in luxuriant hill slopes. The soils are of volcanic origin, while the particular gypsum and sulphifera conformation of the municipalities forming part of the DOCG is due to the Miocene period, with the hilly area made up entirely of tufa banks. The particular characteristics of these soils, rich in minerals and the strong presence of potassium and magnesium, as well as favoring the vegetative activity of the vine, contribute to making the wine acquire intense aromas and thick, continuous and sweet aromas.

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“Fortuna” 2019”