Fiano di Avellino D.O.C.G.
“Torre degli Amanti” 2019


DENOMINATION: Denomination of controlled and guaranteed DOCG origin

GRAPES: Fiano di Avellino 100%




ALTIMETRY: Between 579 to 523 m s.l.m.

TYPE OF LAND: Deep fresh rich in micro and macroelements, very soft and of volcanic origin of the hills around Avellino.

TRAINING SYSTEM: Espalier training with Guyot pruning.

PLANT DENSITY: 4000 plants per hectare

AGE OF VINEYARD: About 20 years

HARVEST PERIOD: End of October.

YIELD PER HECTARE: 80 quintals / ha

VINIFICATION: Soft pressing of whole bunches, cold static clarification, partially fermented also with starter of indigenous yeasts.

AGING: In bottles for 3 or 4 months.

COLOR: Straw yellow

BOUQUET: The hints of pear, pineapple, acacia, toasted hazelnut, honey and hawthorn stand out.

ORGANOLEPTIC EXAMINATION: Excellent acidity, softness, the initial hints of white peach and grapefruit are closed with strong hints of hazelnut.

PAIRINGS: Indicated as an aperitif in particular with toasted hazelnuts, accompanied by seafood and haute cuisine dishes.


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The origins of Fiano are controversial. The vine is probably of Roman origin, since it was called Latin. About the etymology, according to Pliny – later quoted by Columella -, the name derives from Apianus, that is from Apiane grapes, whose sweetness particularly attracted bees. The first certain evidence dates back to the twelfth century. The wine was dear to the great emperor Frederick II of Swabia who recommended its purchase in Campania. It was also appreciated by Charles of Anjou, who wanted 16,000 vines in one of his royal vineyards in Manfredonia. At about 600 meters height s.l.m. in lands of sandstones and brecciole alternating with marls covered with pyroplastic materials coming from the Flegrei and then from Vesuvio, the Fiano di Avellino di Orneta is born in the countryside of Candida and Montefalcione (5.41 ha).

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“Torre degli Amanti” 2019”